Last Updated: 07 September 2018
Created: 07 September 2018

PNE live at NCN 2018, 07.09.2018, 17:45 Amphibühne. List of confirmed acts:

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Last Updated: 19 March 2016
Created: 19 March 2016

And to celebrate the event, old-school EBM veteran Claus Kruse made exclusive “vinyl remixes” of 11 songs taken from his sophomore “Therapy” album, giving them a real “12” extended version” feel, just like in the good old days…

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Last Updated: 07 November 2014
Created: 07 November 2014

PNE 'Therapy' album listed in 3 charts in the last couple of weeks. Best ranking in eac -Top 1!

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Last Updated: 21 August 2014
Created: 21 August 2014

PNE are back in the charts!!! This time the THERAPY album and the CONTROL single found theire ways up to top 6!!!

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Last Updated: 04 April 2014
Created: 04 April 2014

The first THERAPY reviews in german are online at Tombstone Webzine and Sonic Seducer.

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Last Updated: 01 April 2014
Created: 01 April 2014

Read the review of 'Therapy' on Side-Line:

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Last Updated: 18 February 2014
Created: 18 February 2014

The first THERAPY review is online at PEEK-A-BOO-MAGAZINE and worth reading it. Thanks a lot to peek-a-boo magazine!!!!

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Last Updated: 05 February 2014
Created: 05 February 2014

Spring 2014 will see the full blast release of the 8th studio album from German cult-act PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE. A much anticipated release since last year’s ass-kicking “Control” EP and video clip.

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